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Audio Developments AD149

Audio Developments AD149 Production Audio Mixer.

Professionally engineered products do not have to be redesigned if care is taken in the first place, and the AD149 audio mixer is no exception to this value, the AD 149 was used by “Oscar Wining Sound Engineer Simon Hayes” for his work on Les Miserables with main lead actor Hugh Jackman the sound on Les Miserables was taken live on set with the main work horse being the Audio Developments AD149 audio mixer.

In recent years Audio Developments have added only one main feature over its original design, was to introduce AES Digital direct outputs for each channel which can be selected Post or Pre the fader, adding a high degree of flexibility for the sound engineer, giving the possibility to recorded directly onto an 8 track digital recorder from each channel.

The build quality is bullet proof and being modular in design, this makes it easy to replacement modules on set and general servicing.

Please call us for a demo this product will be sure to please.

Major Operational Features

  • Limiter on each input (adjustable). Release, attack & threshold are set via presents
  • Insert point on inputs
  • Direct output from each Mic/Line input module
  • Three-band equalizer with a choice of four center frequencies in the MF section
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs (main and auxiliary)
  • Two main outputs and two auxiliaries
  • Limiter on L & R outputs. Can be linked for stereo operation
  • M-S stereo facilities in main and monitor signal paths
  • Comprehensive monitor selection
  • Two monitor outputs for headphones or speaker amplifiers
  • Two communication outputs and one return
  • Selection of monitor feeds to communication outputs
  • Remote start facility
  • Ten pin multiway connectors for output and returns
  • Six pin multiway connector for outputs and returns, buffered for use with DAT
  • Fifteen way D connector for feeding equipment such as a meter bridge (AD096)
  • A pair of meters - either PPM or VU - may be switched to read various outputs or follow the monitor
  • Internal oscillator, 1 kHz & 10 kHz, selectable to L-R and/or auxiliary outputs. Interrupted tone is optional on the left path
  • All connectors are presented on one surface of the case and in line with the corresponding module

Manufactured in the UK for the past 40 years

Simon Hayes and the Les Miserables Sound Team

Simon Hayes



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