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In 1961 Electrovoice produced the first advancement in shotgun technology, employing adjustable impedance, frequency response with roll-off, all in a dynamic microphone. named Cardiline. It was the main work horse in the early 60’s and quickly made its way into Hollywood & Television productions.

The Cardiline shotgun was physically very heavy microphone weighing 1.8 Kg and 500 mm in overall length, making it uncomfortable to hold in your hands for any length of time, and was normally mounted into a large suspension hanging off a Fisher boom for studio production.

However dynamic designed shotguns fell out of favour when RF condenser microphones arrived in the mid 60’s as condenser microphones were blessed with more natural gain with low signal to noise ratio which were far more forgiving if the boom operator is off mic for that magic second.

In 2005 Schoeps released their CMIT 5U shotgun microphone, sound engineers were quick to realize the performance of this new design that clearly sets new standards, in technology and innovation. Now we would like to share with you some of these new advantages.

Most short shotguns in the mid 90’s weighed around 160 grams with very little reduction in weight during this period. The dilemma for Schoeps, was how to reduce the physical weight of their new shotgun design, with research into various metals the material that Schoeps employed was high strength aircraft aluminium, that reduced the overall weight to 89 grams a far cry from the days when a shotgun microphone weight was 1.8kg, by adopting aluminium gave Schoeps the possibility to anodize in ten different colour’s. However only two colour’s are available, electric blue or deep grey.

Other refinements include the increased direction capability at higher frequencies, which results in a very balanced sonic character. In addition to this the CMIT5 sound level will decrease softy and steadily when off-axis sounds are recorded, as well as reducing the effects of movement during boom operation.

Besides the CMIT 5 having a strong directionality character than one might expect, the other important design consideration is to have a smooth audio in either vertical or horizontal positions.

There are many industry firsts for this design including three position digital controlled low and high cut filters, light weight, and exceptional audio performance.

Please consider for your next production.

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