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SQN portable mixers are designed for professional microphones and location recording.

SQN-4S mini

A four-input stereo miniature mixer. Four main channels have XLR mic input, bass-cut switches, where mic powering, input attenuators, channel gain and rotary faders are on channels 1 and 2, whereas channels 3 and 4 can be switched between line level and mic level with reduced gain and attenuation. Channels 1 and 2 can also matrix MS into AB stereo. An aux monitor input is also provided. The output section has a master fader, peak or VU meter (which can also show battery level), switchable limiter, internally adjustable tone inject, balanced main outputs on 5-pin XLR, with second balanced and unbalanced outputs on the same multiway connector as aux monitor return (for single cable connection to recorder/camcorder), and third output, unbalanced on 3.5mm jack. Headphone monitoring (A or B gauge jack, adjustable level) is switchable between mixer output and aux input, with MS matrixing available for monitoring MS recordings in AB stereo mode. Built-in slate microphone, LED meter illumination and pre-fade listening on channel 4. Powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries giving more than 10 hours continuous use, with four pole DC input (5–18V DC). All this is packed into a rugged compact housing and supplied complete with webbing shoulder-strap.

SQN-5S series II

A five-input stereo miniature mixer in a tough, compact, aluminium housing. Five channels have XLR electronically-balanced mic/line input, 4-way mic powering, input attenuator, bass-cut switch and rotary fader. All channels (except 3) can be routed to their respective left, right or both centre (ch1 and 2, 4 and 5). Additionally channels 1 and 2 can be ganged for a stereo or M-S microphone (with or without decoding to A-B) and channel 2 has a phase-reversal switch. Channel 3 can be routed left, right or to a pan control. Balanced monitor returns and mix-bus inputs are also provided on multipin I/O connectors A and B respectively. The output has a master gain fader, PPM or VU meters with battery level indication, switchable twin-mono or stereo limiter with peak indicators, internally adjustable tone-inject with selectable left-channel interrupt. Main outputs are on both XLR and multipin A, each separately-switchable mic/line (Mic and line signals are separately transformer-balanced and floating. Multipin I/O connector A is shared with the monitor return inputs for single-cable connection to recorder etc.). Subsidiary I/O connector B provides unbalanced stereo outputs of –10dBu and allows all five channels to be extracted in pre- or post-fader mode. Headphone monitoring (A or B-gauge jack, adjustable level) has 6-way rotary selector for stereo, R, L, M-S (decoded), L-R and L+R, and pre-fade listening is selectable for channels 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as mixer/aux selection. A slate-microphone is built-in, actuated by front-panel switch, and meters have LED illumination. The right channel meter has a suppressed-zero battery voltage scale, selected by a front panel push putton. Powered by 8 AA size alkaline batteries giving more than 10 hours continuous use, with multi-function four-pole DC input (6–24V), providing battery charging and external powering, and “pass-through” powering with auto-reset fuse to feed an accessory connector (and hence powering radio-mic receivers etc. through mixer on/off switch). The mixer is supplied complete with webbing shoulder-strap and mating multipin connectors.

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