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Our Story

The history of our company

Our Story

dB Audio Visual is a family business which was established in 1982.

Our story began with the manufacture of an Active DI Rock Box,  30 years on  we still receive phone calls asking ‘’Can I buy an dB Audio Active DI Rock Box “?  Incorporated in the original design was  a specific high performance audio transformer custom made for us by Sowter  Ltd in the  UK. The transformer became very expensive to produce and to use an alternative ,we felt would compromise the performance and longevity of the rock box, so we discontinued production.  We then turned our focus to the design and manufacture of  Telecom Approved  “Line Isolation Units” for Radio Stations on-air talkback lines and various other electronic projects however the original  dB Audio Active DI Rock Box proved to be the star performer overall.

In 1985  the company changed direction and began to import a range of professional technology for radio and television stations; our first import was a Chilton On Air Audio Console. Since that time we have been appointed exclusive agents for many quality professional broadcast manufacturers.  As of 2016 we  are proud to continue to represent :  Schoeps Microphones, Coles Lip & Studio Ribbon Microphones, Audio Limited Radio Microphones, Hawk-Woods Battery Solutions, Porta Brace Camera Cases,  Vocas Mattebox and camera accessories,  Cartoni Camera Support.

In 2016 we are set for an optimistic year, new product releases to look out for include Audio Ltd Digital Radio Microphones and  Velvet Light waterproof LED lighting.

Our ongoing commitment remains to provide to our clients equipment of the highest quality, technical excellence , proven reliability and longevity.

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dB Audio Visual provides professional production equipment to the film and television industry.

Talk to us about your production needs.  If we don't have a solution for you, we'll find one.

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