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Coles 4104

Studio Ribbon Microphone

Coles 4104

Since the introduction of the 4104 lip ribbon microphone it has been used by broadcasters & TV networks all over the world for major sport events in particular Formula One Car Racing where noise levels are well above 130dB making the Coles 4104 lip ribbon microphone the perfect solution.


Coles 4104 Commentator’s Noise Cancelling Ribbon Microphone was a development of British Broadcasting (BBC)  and used for reproducing high quality commentary speech from noisy surroundings by cancelling out a considerable degree of background noise.

The 4104 is not unduly affected by wind noise and can be used in air stream velocities up to (32 km) without notable difference in speech quality. With the use of a simple windshield attachment good quality speech reproduction can also be achieved in winds ranging up to (64 km) or more.

Importantly the polar response is effectively bi-directional allowing one or more commentator in the same room all reporting on the same news event without cross over talk between individual commentators.

There are many more application for this famous noise cancelling ribbon microphone, if your next production requires noise reduction then look no further, this will work of you like it has for so many other broadcasters.

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